...the individual
Greeting Wanderer! I'm rahul. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm a Linux, Open-source and Python enthusiast. I primarily work with Linux servers and write a little bit of code in my day job. I'm lazy, so I automate. I'm forgetful, so I document. I also enjoy a good cup of coffee, am a voracious reader and am passionate about travelling.

...the blog
This blog is a humble attempt to make a compilation of tech tidbits, quick n'easy How-Tos, and share helpful one-liners, custom scripts and installation procedures. The blog also serves as a brain-dump of other miscellaneous Techical notes. It is an attempt to share some rudimentary technical know-how that I possess, for others to discover and possibly benefit from. It is however, by no means, complete.

Most of the posts are short and quick, which help with the issue/question at hand. While majority of them may not have detailed explanations (describing the why's), I've made an attempt to include proper links to other resources and documents, where relevant.

...the theme
This blog powered by Pelican, which takes great advantage of Python. The theme Graymill is new and is based on the awesome Milligram CSS Framework. Please feel free to share it and download/clone/fork it from GitHub.